Rush O Lash eyelash growth enhancement serum and eyebrow enhancer 7ml

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1-RUSH O LASH Eyelash enhancement serum is a uniquely formulated serum that produces exceptional results. Make the eyelash much longer, thicker and darker, especially for the women with lack of eyelash. 2-You will feel the growth of eyelash obviously after 3-4 weeks of continuous use and completely different after about 16 weeks, it is so rapidly and effective. 3-How to apply: >Apply a thin line of RUSH O LASH serum evenly to the base of the lashes, above the level of your skin. >One brush stroke is sufficient. >Recommend that you remove the makeup and contact lenses, then wash your hands and face with mild soap and water prior to the application of RUSH O LASH. >Use the serum once daily, best application time is before going to bed. Warnings: >Rinse with water if eye contact occurs. > If irritation develops with initial use, reduce frequency of use until the lid irritation resolved. If redness or irritation persists or is excessive, discontinue use and consult the physician. >Never apply RUSH O LASH in a moving vehicle. >Do not touch your eye with the applicator. > Keep out of reach of children. >Cap tightly after use. > If your eye or eyelid is scratched or injured, stop using all eye cosmetics, including RUSH O LASH and consult an eye doctor immediately. > Because this product has not been tested under all possible conditions, we recommend you not use RUSH O LASH if you are pregnant or nursing, currently taking cancer chemotherapy, or under the age of 18. Storage: store in a cool, dry and ventilated place. According to our studies, you can reach up to 80% increase in eyelash density in four weeks.Natural stimulation of new eyelashes
Accelerating growth of own eyelashes
Strengthen lid-lash junction to avoid fall of lashes
Improve quality of lashes

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